Your Visit

Preparation Prior to Your Visit

Shoes are removed after entering “The Scalar Meditation Room” – Drink a minimum of 4 oz. of water just prior to your session. Either bring your own bottled water or we can also provide water all of the Kangen Alkaline Ionized water from our Enagic SD 501 Ionizer that you can drink. – We highly encourage you to bring your own clean pillow and favorite blanket from home. You may also want to bring ear plugs for a quieter experience. You may find that coverings for your eyes will further reduce your sensory perception and aid your goal of relaxation and sleep.

Scalar Meditation Room & Waiting Room Guidelines

Please complete the sign in sheet and consent form thoroughly. Please print clearly.

We will do our best to help you to have the best possible experience in our scalar meditation room. We will provide you a quiet room without any harsh lights. We will provide you with the choice of a zero gravity chair or a cushioned cot to help you relax.

You can help our goal of a great experience for all participants by turning off your cell phones and being quiet and respectful. If you must say something please do so in a whisper. An Ideal scenario for all participants would be for each one to have a deep slumber during each session. Wear loose fitting clothing. Please remove your shoes. Try to avoid crossing your arms or legs. Relax and open your body and mind to the strong energy of the scalar waves. Have a positive mindset regarding the potential benefits of scalar waves. If you are a person that prays, a totally silent prayer of your own faith may be helpful to you.

Please be polite and respect all participants in the scalar room and the waiting room. Avoid controversial topics that could distract people. Avoid loud talking in the waiting room. While lying in the chair or cot take slow, deep breaths to relax, sleep or meditate. This will allow your body to be immersed In the Bio-Scalar energy fields without much distraction. Dr. Michael recommends exposure of face, head, neck, arms, and feet.

*Please be mindful of the quiet environment at “Scalar Wave Therapy.” We ask that you speak only in very hushed tones, and to be mindful of others who are already in their restful state. Please use caution while exiting and entering the Scalar Mediation Room.

Do not touch the screens, scalar units or stands that hold them. These units are laser aligned to precisely face the units on the other side of the room. This arrangement causes an implosion of scalar waves that results in a beneficial high energy field. Any contact with an outside force could put them out of alignment. The slightest bump or touch could necessitate a $3,000.00 realignment. Please avoid any type of contact with them.

Proceed to the registration desk for session payments and further instructions prior to selecting a zero gravity chair or cushioned cot.

At the end of your session we will gently awaken you.

Within 24 hours after your scalar wave session. To “take a bath in warm water with one cup of Himalayan Salt for at least 20 minutes. If you do not have access to a bath tub please take a foot bath in in a container of warm water with a cup of Himalayan Salt for at least 20 minutes. Please avoid Epsom Salt.

We will pray that your scalar session will help you.