Fred and Patty Frigo are kind and caring people

Fred and Patty Frigo are kind and caring people. I did scalar wave therapy, plasma therapy and a foot bath. The foot bath took toxins out of my body. I have
also been wearing an Energy Enhancement System Medallion. The pain in my
hips has been greatly reduced.

Mary Lou Davis
March 25, 2024

I have had a lot

I have had a lot of health problems for several years, one on top of another. Had several problems with my heart and lungs. With in less of one month our son found out he had cancer and died. Our other son needs transplants again and had to have open heart surgery.
I had no energy and really couldn’t care about anything.

I had my first Scalar Wave Therapy last Sunday. The first thing that went through my mind when I woke up Monday was “I want to go back today.” I wanted to wait to after I saw if my message therapies on Tuesday to see if she would notice a difference. Beside my mood being better so was my color. She also confirmed that I wasn’t retaining as much fluid or as bloated.

We even went to Meijers and I walked the store and did the grocery shopping for the first time in about 6 weeks.

I actually “care” again. Can’t wait to go again.

Judy Eileen Miller
March 20, 2024

Boost your immune system.

I have been visiting the Scalar Room in Logansport after getting acquainted with Fred & Patty when they visited my shop this past year.

Boost your immune system while healing other areas of your body as well. Detoxing as well as healing. You can only do Scalar energy healing or you can add the Plasma Med Bed along with the grounding mat and an ionic foot bath after to remove the toxins.

I love going to the Scalar Room and now the Plasma Med Bed! They are very welcoming and after 1-4 hour session and a few 2 hour sessions I had more stamina than I’ve had since my cancer therapy. After his surgery in February I finally convinced my husband to go and doing both Scaler & Plasma Bed is helping him.

The prices are reasonable when comparing to a few other Scalar Rooms. People are coming from Michigan as well as local people. Go to the website to get an explanation of what the offer. They are open Sunday-Thursday.

Call and make an appointment today and tell them Hazel sent you over.
I urge everyone to call Fred & Patti or go the website and see what they offer.

Hazel Correll
March 7, 2024

highly recommend

Fred & Patty are the nicest couple who make sure your scalar experience is a great one. The first time I entered the room, I felt the scalar vortex. After a few visits to the scalar, I noticed that the persistent cough that I had for weeks was gone. I also had complete relief from a shoulder injury. I strongly suggest the ionic foot bath afterwards because you will not only feel great, but you will see all the detox from your body after your scalar session. I highly recommend a visit to Scalar Wave Therapy, LLC.
J. Estep, Michigan

January 9, 2024

recommend for anyone who has health issues

Dear Fred & Pat
My name is Mr. Gamble I came to your facility to receive scalar wave treatment, much to my surprise my chest pain from open heart surgery 2 weeks earlier vanished!
The scalar wave treatments I would recommend for anyone who has health issues.
Your hospitality was over the top and you made me feel right at home.
Looking forward to my next treatment!
Sincerely Mr Gamble

January 9, 2024

continue to visit and recommend

Hi Fred and Pat,
Two weeks ago I was in the scalar. I had not realized how stressed my body had become over the last 6 months. My sister passed away during that time of cancer and my husband had open heart surgery.
As I sat in the room my body began to relax, and relax, and relax some more. It was amazing!
The Godly atmosphere and hospitality that is in your facility is peaceful. The room and zero gravity chair make it easy.
I will continue to visit and recommend this to anyone that is stressed.
Thank you for bringing this to our region.
Mrs. Gamble

January 9, 2024

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