Scalar Wave Therapy in Logansport, IN

On June 6th 2022 we visited an Energy Enhancement System Scalar Center. After a 4 hour session in the scalar room we experienced amazing results. Since that day we were determined to have the same technology for our health and the health of many others. Our scalar center is in a very large metal building on 8 great rural acres near the beautiful Wabash River. We have ample well lit space for parking.

“On 08/07/2023 we began serving out members with EES scalar wave energy and on 01/07/2024 we began serving our members with the first plasma med bed in Indiana. Many members have said that they had faster results from the plasma powered scalar waves in the med bed.

The 4 types of matter are solids, liquids, gases and plasma which is in the sun and lighting. When the scalar waves energize the noble gasses of Argon and Helium, the electrons move so fast that they collide and emit photons. This is why there is a beautiful orange glow from the tubes that safely contain plasma. However the plasma is so powerful.

Plasma is so powerful, that those with pacemakers and similar devices must stay in the EES room and not enter the plasma room. Others can only be on the Plasma Powered med bed for no more than 1 hour. The med bed will light up a burnt out neon light that is placed near it.”

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Free alkaline, ionized Kangen water!

We have our own water supply for producing unlimited amounts of free alkaline, ionized Kangen water from our SD 501 Enagic Ionizer. This helps to hydrate our customers during all of their sessions with us. We also supply this ionized water free for our customers to take home.

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