Plasma Energy Med Bed Therapy

Scalar Wave Therapy, LLC was on the front page of the Pharos Tribune on 01/23/24 because we have the first and only Plasma Theraphi Med Bed Device in the State of Indiana. We have the 2nd one in the midwest.

Plasma Theraphi Med Bed Pricing:

Time Hourly Rate Total
30 min $50.00 $50
1 Hour $100.00 $100

Plasma Theraphi Med Bed Therapy is the next evolution in healing technologies pioneered by Nikola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, George Lakhavsky and

Antoine Priore.  It is a bioactive plasma field device modeled after the famous PRIORE device which was so successful. Against many diseases in France, particularly cancers and cysts.

The Therapy device creates precise frequencies for the production of Bio-Active Field” which affects the body’s cellular regenerative system, the actual “healing” system in the body.

In this new revolutionary system, radio frequencies are use as a carrier wave for various frequency signatures. The robust solid state emitters 

Combined with a unique mixture of noble gases, produce an extraordinary bioactive implosion negentropy life giving plasma field.

The Theriphi’s unique plasma generates longitudinal waves that cane used to send both frequency information and energy. The EESystem also uses longitudinal waves.  These waves are also known as scalar waves or Tesla Waves. The Theriphi Med Bed makes the scalar waves used in the EESystem work with more intensity and speed upon the cells of the human body according the the inventor Dan Winter.